About Blackhole Boards

Itís all about Skateboards!

Thatís our slogan. Itís very simple. If it was not for the skateboard, the incredible phenomenon that followed would have never existed. Skateboarding is more popular now than it has ever been. Even if you donít skateboard you can still dress like a skateboarder and look cool. The biggest problem with many skateboard retailers is that they are fashion stores who sell skateboards. Now we think skateboard clothing and shoes are important, but you can buy them anywhere (or here, we have a great selection of clothes and shoes). Just try to go to your mall and find a store that sells over 2000 different decks - not gonna happen. If you want to build a custom skateboard from a huge selection of parts, then try Blackhole Boards.

Who Are We?

Blackhole Boards was founded in 2003 and is based out of Western Pennsylvania. Our founders have over 13 years of solid ecommerce and technology background and also love both skateboarding and snowboarding.


ďTo become the leading skateboard retailerĒ

We plan to accomplish this by focusing our efforts on the following concepts:

Technology: Build the best possible website that enables our customers to easily research and purchase products. We have over 13 years experience developing one of the best ecommerce engines available. Not only is our website superior, but the behind-the-scenes features are the best in the world. Our Board Builder Technology is the best online.

Selection: Offer the largest selection of skateboarding components anywhere. We feel 5,000 is a good start, but we still are not satisfied. If you are building a new skateboard or just need a set of wheels, we want to overwhelm you with choices.

Service: Offer the best possible customer service at any cost. We are obsessive about making our customers happy. When kids call us asking questions we treat them like adults. Kids are the future of the sport and should be treated as equals.

Why are we doing this?

The driving motivation is not to cash in on the popular skateboarding trend. Our owners are already successful businessmen (who refuse to wear suits). They love skateboarding and finally decided it was time to give the skateboarding community what it deserved: A skateboard internet retailer the made good on its promise to be the best.

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