Blackhole Boards Exclusive #1 - Element New Balance Fiberlight Skateboard Deck - 7.5 x 31.125Deck
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    Blackhole Board's First Exclusive Skateboard.
    We plan on starting an entire line of Blackhole Board exclusive decks from the top skateboard companies. So, for the first deck (#1) we decide to partner with our most popular company, Element. We choose the New Balance Fiberlight deck, this was our top selling deck of all time. Then we decided to throw it into a Blackhole and it came out the other end with all its color sucked out. If you haven't noticed Element does not have that many all black (with a little gray) decks. We hope you like the new deck, you can only purchase it at Blackhole Boards.

    Fiberlight Construction
    By defying the laws of nature, Element Fiberlight Decks takes the original fiberlight construction to new heights. Fiberlight is a skateboard construction designed to withstand intense abuse, yet react and perform beyond what is currently on the market. Fiberlight provides an unparallel response to the ollie. Fiberlight is lighter and thinner and manufactured to a higher standard of quality and strength than any skateboard available today. Never before has wood and fiberglass been meshed together in this manner of skateboard construction, providing what most don't experience today: real pop, no sag and the flexibility to withstand abuse with minimal breakage.

Product Information

Blackhole Boards Part #: 66203
Size: 7.5" x 31.125"' (W x L)
Brand: Element

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