Blackhole Boards Exclusive #2 - Element Level Helium Skateboard Deck - 7.5 x 31.25Deck
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Blackhole Board's Second Exclusive Skateboard.
So, for the second deck (#2) we decide to again partner with our most popular company, Element. We choose the Helium deck construction this time because this is Element's new deck technology which makes for a very, very light deck. This time we toned it down a little for those skaters who want the newest technology without the crazy graphics, you can only purchase this light as air deck at Blackhole Boards.

Helium Light Construction
Helium construction features a patented air-frame built inside the deck which adds strength while drastically decreasing weight. Each of 5 air-frame chambers within the board is hollowed, meaning less wood is used, resulting in "the lightest and strongest skateboard made." While the weight is significantly reduced the air-frame is engineeded to actually increase the strength of the board by distributing the normal stress from skateboarding equally throughout the board. Helium boards are manufactured with traditional US hard rock mapel; guaranteed to perform and respond just like Element featherlight boards. Helium is the next step in the constant progression in skateboard design that element skateboards is committed to.
  • Element Helium Shape #4

Product Information

Blackhole Boards Part #: 99522
Size: 7.5" x 31.25"' (W x L)
Brand: Element

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