Gift Certificates

Give the gift of Skateboarding!

Give your favorite skateboard enthusiast gifts they really want - Let them shop for themselves. Eliminate the worry of buying a gift they don't want, skateboarders are a picky bunch. Our Gift Certificates are your digital gift giving solution.

More information about ss How to Redeem our Gift Certificates.
Redeem a
Gift Certificate
  • Our Gift Certificates are available in any denomination between $5.00 and $1,000.00 US Dollars.
  • Gift Certificates become Active on the date that they are sent to the recipient.
  • Gift Certificates and any unused portions of Gift Certificates do not expire and are valid until redeemed through Blackhole Boards.
  • Any unused portion of your Gift Certificate will be credited to your Account.
  • Gift Certificates and their use are subject to the Blackhole Boards Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
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