Zero Sandoval Mi Vida Loca Skateboard Deck - 8.12 P2Deck
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P2 (Pro-2) technology includes an oval-shaped Kevlar fiber reinforced maple veneer, which enhances the natural performance and pop of its supporting six, thin maple veneers . The oval shape is designed to spread stresses and loads throughout the entire deck, versus around only the areas closest to the trucks. The Kevlar fiber used to make P2 decks is expensive stuff, but "Spring Loaded Pop" is priceless.

  • "Spring Loaded Pop" effect
  • Kevlar fiber reinforced maple
  • Thinner and lighter
  • Flex-resistant tail and nose allow fast and high rebound
  • Tommy Sandoval Pro Model

Product Information

Blackhole Boards Part #: 212670
Size: 8.12" - width
Brand: Zero

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